Fires are dangerous and can become a big threat to your property. Once the fire is put out there is much left to be done. Our Emergency Response team in Parker is prepared to take on damages by working hard in restoring your homes and businesses. Fires can leave irreparable consequences and to top it off, it might continue to leave secondary damages in the aftermath.  Our team identifies these in the most efficient possible so you can safely return to a safe environment free of worries. Contact us now so you can continue on with your normal live and make your fire accident nothing but a memory.

Fire damage and its dangers, what happens?

In incidents involving fires, smoke and leftover soot are the two main problems in the aftermath of the events. If you own a commercial property, the last thing you want to do is to put in danger the health of your employees and your family if the property is your home.  While these seem like minor issues compared to an actual fire, leftover fumes penetrate valuable items within your property such as clothing, decorations, furniture, etc. The soot left behind is hard to remove and its inhalation becomes a great liability for your health as well as to others within the property and yourself.

Left over smoke and protein residues create foul smells and potentially damage appliances, furniture and walls by discoloring them and rendering them useless.  Our emergency team will do its best to make sure no further damage occurs. It has the years of experience and training. We have been providing services for areas like Parker for years!

What we do?

The CFI certifies our professionals giving them the rights and the training to restore and repair fire damages to homes and commercial businesses. We will arrive within 30 minutes to your property and mitigate the problem as fast as possible. Our team conducts a thorough inspection of the venue in order to analyze and choose the best approach for restoration according to your response of the initial assessments.  Our damage assessments look for any hazardous chemicals such as carcinogens, acids, and bases that remain in affected areas by the fire. We record loss of home/business inventory which is often essential for filing insurance claims especially for businesses. Once the restoration is complete and accurate documentation of the data gathered is compiled, we send a copy of the documentation to your insurance company so that your claim is processed in due time.  We know the importance of claim filing in these types of cases and we will make sure to help you have a speedy process.

Our team handles every specific case with haste as well as dedication so that the restoration processes can be done swiftly.

Our availability

Our Emergency Response Teams are available 24/7 and a call away from providing excellent service to you or for more information.  We are open on holidays and short arrival after your service has been solicited.